20 December 2017
Dr Ayse Latif from The University of Manchester responded to a request from Coronation Street to ensure that their recent testicular cancer storyline was accurate.
01 November 2017
The Cancer Imaging Centre in Cambridge and Manchester recently took part in the public engagement event Science Spectacular in the Whitworth Hall.
07 September 2016
Scientists have developed an endoscope that uses near-infrared light to spot early warning signs of oesophageal – food pipe – cancer, according to research published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics.
11 April 2016
The first cancer patient in Europe has been scanned with a revolutionary imaging technique that could enable doctors to see whether a drug is working within a day or two of starting treatment.
10 December 2015
Scientists have developed a new imaging test that could enable doctors to identify more dangerous tumours before they spread around the body – and tailor treatment accordingly.
18 September 2015
Manchester researchers have identified a potential new way to predict which patients with head and neck cancer may benefit most from chemotherapy.
25 February 2015
A clinical trial due to begin later this year will see scientists observing close up, in real time – and in patients – how tumours respond to new drugs.
27 May 2014
New scanning technology in Cambridge opens the window on rapidly assessing whether or not cancer drugs are working.
23 April 2014
Manchester scientists have improved a way of analysing how cancer spreads and how effective drugs are at killing the cells.
13 November 2013
Scientists in Manchester have developed a new imaging method that could help doctors choose the best treatment for individual patients by measuring how much oxygen is in their tumour.
24 October 2013
Cancer imaging is set to get a major boost from a £35 million nationwide initiative to develop cutting edge imaging technologies for basic and clinical cancer research.