The management of the Cancer Research UK and EPSRC Cancer Imaging Centre at Cambridge and Manchester and the implementation of its strategy are supported by a number of boards and committees:


Executive Committee  

The Executive committee will meet quarterly to review progress against the objectives of the research programmes and to identify further opportunities for funding and to coordinate subsequent grant applications. The committee members will also liaise with the other CRUK-EPSRC imaging centres to identify potential multi-centre bids for funding, for example to the EU, and to coordinate multi-centre clinical trials of novel imaging techniques developed by the centres.

Prof. Kevin Brindle (Chair)


Prof. Fiona Gilbert


Prof. Alan Jackson


Prof. Richard Marais


Prof. Geoff Parker


Steering Committee

The Steering committee will meet at 6 month intervals and will be attended by the executive committee and programme and training leads. The programme leads will prepare short reports for this meeting and go/no go decisions will be taken regarding specific projects. This committee will also review and approve PhD project proposals submitted by members of the wider centre and receive reports from the training leads on the lecture programmes and other training activities.

Science Advisory Board 

The members of the SAB are:

Prof. Robert Gillies Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida, USA.  

Prof. Gillies is a former President of the Society of Molecular Imaging and is expert in a variety of imaging techniques, particularly MRI.

 Prof. Uwe Haberkorn Radiologische Universitätsklinik, Nuklearmedizin, Universität Heidelberg, Germany.

Prof. Haberkorn is a clinician who is expert in PET techniques.

 Prof. Silvio AimeLaboratory of NMR Spectroscopy, Dipartimento di Chimica,Torino, Italy  

Prof. Aime is editor-in-chief of Contrast Agents and Molecular Imaging and is well known for his work on MRI contrast agents.

 Prof. Zaver M. Bhujwalla The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, John Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Prof. Bhujwalla is Director of the Molecular Imaging Program at SKCCC and well known for her work in the use of MR and multi-modality imaging to better understand cancer and the tumor microenvironment.

There will be an annual meeting attended by all members of the Centre and the Science Advisory Board (SAB). The first two days will feature talks from PhD students, Post-doctoral scientists and clinical fellows, in which they will present their work. We will also invite guest lecturers from the other funded CRUK-EPSRC cancer imaging centres. On the morning of the third day, after the main meeting has finished, the members of the SAB will provide feedback to the steering committee.

Members of the Centre receiving funding will produce annual reports, summarising their goals and main achievements in the past 12 months and listing their publications, invited lectures and seminars and successful grant applications. They will also record their involvement in any clinical trials. These reports, together with the abstracts and programme for the annual symposium and a list of the PhD students working in the centre who have successfully defended their theses will constitute the annual report of the CMCIC. Copies of this report will be distributed to all members of the centre, the SAB and EPSRC and CRUK.